What's New in ProtoPie? Public Interaction Recipes & Password-Protected Prototypes

Share your prototypes and interaction recipes with anyone. Or safely with a select few people.

Julie Ko
Julie Ko, Customer Success AssociateFebruary 4, 2021
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Written by Julie Ko & Rebeca Caritas.

Imagine having full control over your shareable prototypes and interaction recipes, and not having to worry about them falling in the wrong hands?

Exactly this is possible with the all-new features for you to share your works worry-free.

  • Public interaction recipes
  • Password protection for prototypes

Let’s deep-dive into these all-new features!

Interaction Recipes

Available for the Team & Enterprise plan only.

We released interaction recipes last year—one of ProtoPie’s hot features. Record a scenario of your prototype’s interactions and its specs, e.g., durations, delays, easing, layer properties, and other important details.

No need to invest in creating separate documents with explanations to illustrate your intended concept. Simply, an interaction recipe contains every single detail of your prototype.

Designers often face difficulties when trying to communicate their ideas and intentions. With this, convey all your intended interactions to engineers and just let them follow the recipe.

Learn more about Interaction recipes.

Before, you could share interaction recipes with team members only. Not anymore. Share your interaction recipes with anyone now.

Public Interaction Recipes

At ProtoPie, we always think about what to simplify next? The obvious would be to remove this inconvenience.

  • Avoid asking your team admin to invite Engineer A and B.
  • Skip the whole sign-up process for Engineer A and B.

Anyone with the link can access your interaction recipe without creating a ProtoPie account.

Change the access settings and make interaction recipe public gif
Change the access settings and make interaction recipe public

Change the access settings and make your interaction recipe public:

  • Step 1: Click on the overflow menu (the 3 dots in the upper part, right next to your name) and click on Access Settings.
    Quick tip: you can also click on the lock icon to access your settings.
  • Step 2: Change “Only team members” to “Anyone with the link”.
  • Step 3: Save these settings.
  • Step 4: Copy the interaction recipe link by clicking on the link icon.

Share the link and let engineers follow the recipe.

Rather share your interaction recipes (and prototypes) with password protection? That’s possible too.

Password Protection for Prototypes

Available for anyone.

Share your prototypes and interaction recipes safely with a select few people. With password protection. Happy stakeholders, happy you, right?

Find the password protection option in the access settings.

Activating the password protection gif
Activating the password protection
  • Step 1: Activate the Password Protection option.
  • Step 2: Input your desired password.
    Tip: you can change your Password later if needed.
  • Step 3: Save your settings.
Requiring password to enter gif
Requiring password to enter

Now you are ready to share your prototype with your stakeholders. Whomever you share the link with needs to enter the password to get access.