Interactions Across Devices

To have prototypes across devices communicate with each other, make sure to use the channel "ProtoPie Studio" for the Send response and Receive trigger in your interactions.

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In the Debug view, you can see all the messages that are sent among prototypes, Bridge apps, and devices at a single glance. For debugging and testing purposes, you can send out a custom message and value to see if they can be received properly.

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Arduino Serial Communication

ProtoPie Connect supports serial communication with Arduino boards. Connect an Arduino board to your computer, upload a program (code) to deploy. The example code below depicts sending a message "ROTATE" and value "90" every 2 seconds from Arduino to ProtoPie Connect.

Learn more about getting started with Arduino.

void setup() {

void loop() {
 // Send "ROTATE" to ProtoPie
 // messageId: ROTATE
 // value: 90

Click on Connect Arduino from the overflow menu. To make the connection work, make sure to select the right port and baud rate as you did for your Arduino board.

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Let's go back to the example code shown earlier. Once communication between ProtoPie Connect and the Arduino board has been established successfully, you can see the message "ROTATE" with value "90" come in every 2 seconds in the Debug view.

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Learn more and see other examples we have.

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