There are two ways of logging in to ProtoPie Connect.

ProtoPie Connect for Desktop

  • Enter your ProtoPie Enterprise server URL into the Server Address field.
  • Log in with your known ProtoPie Enterprise account.
  • You can make use of proxy settings. Click on Proxy Settings to use the system or manual proxy configuration.
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ProtoPie Connect for Embedded Systems (License File)

  • Download and run ProtoPie Connect in the terminal for the first time.
  • Copy the Device ID from the message printed, and request a license.
  • Move the license file to the same directory as ProtoPie Connect.
  • Run ProtoPie Connect again, and check whether you see the following log message:
    • Licensed to YOUR NAME until YOUR EXPIRED DATE
  • Make sure to do all the above steps in the terminal only.
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