Using ProtoPie Connect

Managing Pies

You would manage your prototypes made with ProtoPie that need to be run together in ProtoPie Connect. Before running them on smart devices or in the desktop browser, make sure to add them to ProtoPie Connect.

Adding Pies

Click on the + New button to add Pies or simply drag-and-drop Pies to ProtoPie Connect. You will see the name and thumbnail of the Pie appear in the list of prototypes. Double-click to change the file name.

Updating Pies

By default, if you make changes to a prototype that's been added to ProtoPie Connect already, ProtoPie Connect would always use the most recent version. If you would like to replace the Pie with another one, just hit the Replace button to select another prototype.

Removing Pies

If you would remove a prototype from the list, just select the Pie and click on the trash icon. If you would like to remove all prototypes from the list, click on Remove All from the overflow menu.

Running Pies

Prototypes, added to ProtoPie Connect, can be run on smart devices and in the desktop browser. You need ProtoPie Player to run prototypes on iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices.

ProtoPie Player (via QR code)

Click on the app icon of a prototype to have the QR code appear in ProtoPie Connect. Scan the QR code with ProtoPie Player to run the prototype on your smart device.

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ProtoPie Player (via USB)

Click on the USB icon of each prototype to see all connected devices with ProtoPie Player. Click on the preferred device to run the prototype on that smart device.

A smart device might not appear in ProtoPie Connect right away. Click on the USB icon in ProtoPie Player to enable the smart device to connect via USB. Learn more about this.

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Desktop Browser (Single Pie)

Click on the browser icon to open a prototype in the desktop browser. Every Pie opened in the browser would have its own unique URL.

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Desktop Browser (All Pies)

Another way would be to run all prototypes at once in a single tab of the desktop browser. To do this, click on the View All button from the overflow menu. Once you have your prototypes running in a single tab, you can click on the overflow menu there to control the size and position of your prototypes as well as the background color.

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Run All Pies

With the Run button, you can run all prototypes on their corresponding devices or desktop browsers. If they are already run, then prototypes would be rerun. It works the same way as the Run button in ProtoPie Studio.

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